Odyssey - Path Pro Low PSI
Odyssey - Path Pro Low PSI

Odyssey - Path Pro Low PSI

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Odyssey introduces a new option for the new Path Pro Tire.  
Designed to cater modern day street riding, constructed with a lighter single-ply casing which allows it to function better at lower PSI ratings.  
Same as it's 100 PSI brother, this tire is based on the popular Path tire from the early 2000’s, but it’s been fully redesigned to meet today’s riding styles. This includes a proprietary rubber compound that is both extra-grippy and long-lasting, bigger sizing options, and an all new tread pattern inspired by the original with a smooth center tread and knurled side blocks.
35-65 PSI rating.
Available in 20x2.40".
Single Ply Sidewall.  Black only
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