Odyssey - Evo 2.5 Brake Kit
Odyssey - Evo 2.5 Brake Kit

Odyssey - Evo 2.5 Brake Kit

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Evo 2.5 Brake Kit
The Evo 2.5 is a remixed version of the industry leading Evo 2 brake you know and love, with a lot more room for larger, modern tire sizes. Just like the classic Evo 2, it is built around modular hardware features and affordable value. Install it as a rear brake or front brake straight out of the box.
Comes with Odyssey’s convenient double lugged straddle cable, custom curved cable hanger and an array of hardware for adapting the brake to every possible set-up. Forged from aluminum for strength, and to avoid unnecessary upcharges from frivolous CNC machining.
Evo 2.5 Brakes
More clearance for larger tires
Front or rear brake compatible
Includes all necessary hardware
Includes Slim by Four pads
Hinged clamp
Medium sized lever
K-Shield Linear Slic Kable®
This is the original BMX linear cable
K-Shield housing to prevent the cable from binding
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